Course curriculum

    1. Workbook - please download and print. Follow the workbook instructions and capture thoughts, feelings and realizations.

    1. Lesson 1: Wounds of Suffering: Healing the Relationship You Have with Yourself after Sexual Trauma

    2. Validation of the Soul Injury Self-Assessment Inventory. Review the Wounds-of-Suffering chart comparing Soul Injury, PTSD, and Moral Injury.

    3. Lesson 2 - Sexual Trauma: A Public Health Issue

    1. Lesson 3 - Strength to Survive Sexual Trauma

    2. Sexual Trauma Loss Chart

    3. Lesson 4 - Sexual Trauma: Myths

    1. Lesson 5- The Brain and Sexual Trauma

    2. PTSD Growth Inventory

    3. Lesson 6 - Soul Injury and Sexual Trauma

    4. Soul Injury Inventory - Have you acquired a Soul Injury?

    5. Soul Injury Self-Awareness Inventory

    1. Lesson 7 – Male Sexual Trauma

    2. The Hero Within, Chapter 4-Beholding: The Birth of the Hero Within

    1. Lesson 8 – Sexual Trauma: Guilt, Helplessness, Forgiveness

    2. Numbing Agents

    3. Lesson 9– Wholistic Tools to Gather Scattered Pieces of Self

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Course Instructor

Dr. Jo Wakeela Jones

Licensed Educator

Dr. Jo Wakeela Jones has her doctorate degree in healthcare education and has worked as an executive in various health care settings for 40 years. She says her over-achieving behaviors have actually been a numbing agent to hide the pain of four different sexual assaults: “The smile on my face was fake. My joy was manufactured. I was performing a good imitation of happiness and sorrow, but I had difficulty making meaningful eye contact because I was afraid my scars would be seen. My soul was hurt. I physically and emotionally ached. I remained broken inside for many decades.” Dr. Jo tells her story of pain, self-discovery, and how she used the Opus Peace self-help tools to help heal the relationship she had with herself.