Cultivating Wisdom

Wisdom comes from our BE-ing, not our intellect, and it takes work and struggle to achieve it. 

This lesson addresses the wisdom that can only be found by making that journey within, clearing the barriers that are keeping us from ourselves, and releasing fears of who we are and who we are not. 

No matter what age you are, there are wise elders around you and a wise elder inside you that awaits your connection. 

That connection often reveals wisdom – the wisdom of the ages.

Course curriculum

    1. Worksheet - download

    1. Cultivating Wisdom Video

    1. Reading - Book Chapter on Aging

    1. Rescuing the World from Suffering - Book Chapter in Peace at Last by Deborah Grassman

About this course

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“BE-hold! That word struck me. It tells me how to pause and embrace the wisdom in my soul and to be open.”

Janet Stringfellow St.Petersburgh, Florida

Course Instructor

Deborah Grassman


Few people have been with 10,000 dying veterans; Deborah Grassman is one VA hospice Nurse Practitioner who has. Dying veterans taught her lessons about how to attain personal peace. Ironically, those lessons came from people who had been trained for war! As a result, a phenomenon known as “Soul Injury” has now emerged as a relevant healthcare issue for the public. She contends that 10,000 dying veterans have lessons that the rest of us need to learn! Deborah is the author of two books, Peace at Last and The Hero Within. She is a contributing author for four textbooks, has 25 published articles, and there are 5 documentary films featuring her work.

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